My Shortcut To Success – Part 1

After the release of my Easy Video Payday course I was flooded with emails about the product, and received very nice feedback from customers who have loved my video training. One question I’ve been asked many times is: “Do you have any tips for me to succeed?” Which is why I am taking the time…

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How to Build An Authority Channel on YouTube

One of the many questions that I’ve received over this years is about how to build an authority channel in YouTube. So here are some tips on how to create an authority channel… You can first start out by creating a name which can either be your name, a pen name, or a general keyword…

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Welcome to My Blog!

This is my first blog post. Over the coming weeks you’ll see this blog transform and have fresh new content. Follow my on  my journey stay updated my current video marketing strategies and what I do to make a full time income online!

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