YouTube Video Optimization Techniques

There are many tricks you can do that will help you optimize the video. In a sense it can almost be like setting up the on-page SEO for a website.

Doing these simple steps will position you much better than your competitors who do not have these factors.

If they are on Google’s first page then you will want to look at the following details:

• Age of Video
• Number of Videos in Channel
• Number of Views to Video
• Number of Video Likes
• Number of Video Comments

And How Well the Keyword is Optimized in the Video Including:

• Keyword in Title
• Keyword in Description
• Keyword and LSI keywords in Tags


Take A Look At The Video Optimization In The Example Below

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 2.05.59 PM

This video appeared in the top results in YouTube for the keyword “iPhone 4 review” As you can see it has the keyword in the Title but not in the immediate Description or Username.

It was uploaded in on the 5th of July here in 2011 and has 249 with only 13 likes. Below (not shown) is the comments section where it has 24 comments.

Even though there are 17 videos uploaded to this account, it should be fairly simple to outrank the video if you were optimized properly with the methods discussed in this course.

You will want to setup your video with the keyword optimized properly (as discussed previously). It is very common to outrank a video with more age and more visitors than yours if you are fully optimized for that keyword and they are not.

With that being said, you will still need to analyze the video carefully each time before you make your move and create a video.

Additional Video Optimization – Secret Technique

One final strategy for the best Video Optimization leverage is to include your target Keyword (or keywords) in the video Title.mp4 file before you upload to YouTube.

So after you create your video you can save that video file, or rename its existing name to your target keywords. You can also add additional content in the properties section of your video file.

Including LSI keywords and related content in the properties section of your .mp4 file is a dirty little secret that will help you rank faster and give you that extra advantage to outrank your competition!

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  • David Doyle

    Reply Reply November 11, 2017

    I emailed you once before when I purchased Video Niche Domination. I used Video Niche Domination to help rank my videos for low competition keywords but unsuccessful in ranking my main keywords.

    I’m in the carpet cleaning business. Many of my videos are on the first page of Google for low competition keywords that have between 10-20 searches a month. For my main keywords that have between 200-500 searches a month, no videos from any company show up in the first 10 pages. Does this mean that Google does not consider these videos to be of any value?

    Most of my videos are on the first page of YouTube. They run about 60-90 seconds. Videos have between 10- 20 views. No comments. I have been told that if no videos show up in Google, within the first 3 pages, for a particular keyword, then no ranking software is going to make any difference.

    Has this new software of yours been tried out in the carpet cleaning industry. If yes, what are the results.

    • Paul

      Reply Reply November 12, 2017

      Hi David,

      Fist off, congrats on ranking the on first page of Google!

      These low search volume keywords may not seem like much at the moment, but when you keep adding to those you can create a nice consistent and much larger traffic stream.

      If there are no videos showing up on first 10 pages there could be many reasons, but my guess would be that Google is basically saying that those videos are of less quality to them, then the websites listed. It could be how they’re optimized, their trust flow and authority or other factors.

      I don’t fully buy into that philosophy of “if there’s no videos showing up then on x page/s, then don’t bother”. I’ve proven that wrong many times. I could talk a lot more about this, maybe for another video.

      I haven’t tested it in the carpet cleaning space but I am guessing it would work similar to the other local spaces it’s been tested in and can get automated rankings if used correctly.

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