After realizing how much I disliked having a boss and realizing my true entrepreneurial spirit I began my journey to become an internet marketer back in 2009. It was then that I discovered that REAL people were actually making money and having successful internet businesses.

This inspired me to buy a few info products and see just what was going on behind the scenes.

My first internet marketing product was about building web 2.0 properties and ranking them in the search engines. It was a basic SEO guide that displayed a method for making some money with Clickbank products by ranking keyword related terms.

Even though it was fairly simple, it was a whole new experience for me and I tried everything possible to make sure I was following this method to the T so I could make my first affiliate commission.

I did everything I could to make this work so I could succeed with my first attempt at internet marketing, but instead I failed miserably.

The niche I chose was “weight loss” and as a newbie marketer I had no idea of the uphill battle I’d have to face to rank my sites in the this niche.

Once I became aware of this reality I moved one, picked a new niche that wasn’t nearly a saturated, built a new campaign and finally made my first affiliate commission!

Through this experience I learned that failure is just a part of success!

Even though I worked my tail off to make it work the first time, it didn’t, and I needed to move on.

After seeing my first commission I got more involved with affiliate marketing by building websites and writing articles.

In 2010 I become more serious about SEO and built websites to rank in the search engines and monetized them around affiliate offers. I loved the concept of SEO with affiliate marketing because that meant ranking a site 1 time to promote someone’s product, then getting paid a percentage for the sales of that product for months to come.

Once I ranked the site, it was truly and automated business.

Or so I thought…

After having several of these sites built and making a consistent income I moved down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in February of 2011.

I was planning on making the most to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of my internet business.

Then the Panda was unleashed!

A new Google algorithm came out that destroyed the rankings of almost 12 percent of ALL search results. In turn, it penalized my sites and destroyed my revenue.

Everyone I turned to for advice was experiencing the same problem.

I knew I needed to find another way to make money online fast or else I would be flat out broke, and stranded in a foreign country!

It was then that I decided to go full throttle with video marketing. I quickly learned how to Search Engine Optimize YouTube videos and rank them the same way I did with websites.

Only with videos it much easier and took a fraction of the time!

I began ranking my videos for the same exact keywords I used on my websites. With videos it took only a couple weeks to get the same rankings that took several months with websites.

And not only that but it was far less expensive and had a nice Thumbnail image of my video on the top of Google which got more clicks than the context Title of a website.

Needless to say I soon began to get my revenue back and even took it to much further levels than I ever had with my websites.

It was because of the struggles I faced in Mexico that made me reconsider what I’ve been doing and find a new direction that was more profitable and sustainable.

Because of this rebirth of my business in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I decided to name my corporation Oceano Media Inc. when I moved back to the United States. Oceano is the spanish word for Ocean and it was there at the ocean in Puerto Vallarta that I did my planning, created my vision and changed my mindset to bring a failing business to a whole new level that I never thought possible.

I consider video marketing to be the tactical method that saved my internet business but it all started with a change in mindset.

Today I continue to use video marketing as a core component for lead generation, relationship building and affiliate sales.

I’ve been fortunate to teach these methods to nearly 2000 people now and find it very rewarding to share my message through products and coaching services to bring to success into the lives of many online and offline entrepreneurs.

I know you too have the what it takes to become a success or you wouldn’t have spent the time to read this far down the page, this shows you have the desire to succeed. As my blog reader I’d like to help you out the best way possible.

So feel free to let me know if there’s anything I can help you with!

To your great success,

Paul Venables