My Shortcut to Success – Part 2

In My Shortcut to Success – Part 1 post I talked about the importance of having the laser targeted focus. Although that is critical for success in anything that you do, there is also 1 more component that you must have.

This critical competent to your success is having the right plan.

If I wanted to successful with video marketing and my plan was to make 100 videos and hope that they would become viral then it would be a shot in the dark.

However since I researched and studied expert video marketers who got the results that I was hoping for, I had a better chance of getting the results I desired. By following a plan I was more likely to succeed.

In my case it was important that I understood how to properly optimize a video with the keywords I was targeting. For each and every video I made there was a series of video optimization techniques to implement.

Then from there I had understand how to do off-video techniques like social engagement and sharing, to give exposure to the video and start boosting its rankings.

Instead of creating 100 videos and hoping one would stick, I carefully executed a game plan for 1 video to ensure that it would stick. Then I moved on to doing 2-3 videos at a time and scaled from there.

You can hope all day long, but if you do not take action with the right plan then you’re not going to get anywhere.

So get focused, take meaningful action and be on your way to creating your desired success!



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