How To Create A Simple Money Making YouTube Video

Once you have gone through the steps to find a great offer to promote it is then time to make a video. You can use many different platforms for setting up a video.

Choose A Video Creation Software

What has worked well for me is using Microsoft Movie Maker which is a free program for Microsoft Windows. Although now days I use Camtasia for all of my video creation.

Select Images Related To Your Offer

In Microsoft Video Publisher you are able to simply copy some related images and paste them into the video maker. I’d recommended getting about 7-10 images if you want to make a nice video that lasts about 1-1.5 minutes.

You can use the image snipping tool if you have Windows or you can use the free tool through Jing to cut your images the way you like them.

If I am promoting an iPhone 4 offer then I’ll do a Google search for iPhone 4 images and look at some of the best ones that displays the product well. Then I will cut that image with the snipping tool and save it in a special file on my desktop.

Create A Separate Folder

I’ll create a folder for my campaign such as: “iPhone 7 Campaign” Inside I’ll have fold that says “iPhone 7 images” and I’ll store all these images in this folder.

There will also be a separate text file that will be used for the next step of the video creation which is the content part. The content does not need to be too detailed at all.

In fact you really don’t need to know anything about the product at all to make it look nice. It just simply needs to outline the features in a sales way so you can best promote the offer.

Gather Buzz Words and Key Selling Points

You can get a lot of professional buzz words to sell the product you’re promoting by going to their official website such as:

Instead of giving the viewer facts about how the iPhone has a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, I’ll just put some key bullet points about how advanced and improved the graphics are and back up those words with an image for proof.

Besides, images sell so much better than boring facts. Using the Images and Notes to Make a High Converting Video

For one of my videos I just took this information here:

Then I wrote down key bullet points about the features of the iPhone.

I added these points into the video in between the pictures. So it would show one picture and then say something like “Engineered Glass.” I then would show a nice picture of the glass on the iPhone.

Create A Compelling Call To Action

In these videos I usually include a duration of 7 seconds at the beginning as an Introduction Slide to introduce the product. And sometimes in the beginning I’ll also give a call to action and say something like “To Get A Free iPhone Click the Link Below”.

Throughout the videos I’ll have image slides that last about 5-7 seconds and then a blank or black slide that lasts about 2-3 seconds where I can display the white text that says a feature or two about the product.

The text will last about 5-7 seconds so it will appear on the black slide as well as display on most of the slide that shows the image.

At the end of the video I’ll include a final slide that lasts for about 20 seconds. This is the main call-to-action slide so it’s important to have a message that will get the visitor to take action and go to your link.

You can either write down a message or create a page in Microsoft Word or Open Office. Then you cut an image of that page using the Snipping tool through Windows or Jing and include that in your video.

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