YouTube SEO Myth Debunked & NEW Page 1 Results

Today I noticed a nice big jump in Google from a cheap PBN I ordered.

I always like testing new SEO strategies and finding what works best NOW for fast and cost effective rankings.

Over the last year I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the URL variations I use to backlink my video and have came to the conclusion that there’s been a major lie that many have been told in YouTube SEO courses.

After seeing my clear results take place today and I am 100% convinced that what many so called “experts” have been saying throughout the years is BS.

So what the heck am I talking about!?

I am talking about the myth that the YouTube URL you use for backlinks MUST not contain the “s” in it.

AND on top of that I am believe another one could actually hold more power.


Your YouTube URL typically looks like this when you copy and paste:

Over the years it’s been suggested you must remove the “s” for backlink submission to make your URL look like this:

However, because most of the times your YouTube url shows up in Google with the “s” then why not submit the link that way?

It’s what naturally would occur if you were sharing anyway right?

So over the years I’ve been testing this and without a doubt you can rank with just using the main URL without removing the “s’.

In fact there may even be more ranking power you’ll get by using this since it is what Google has listed and Google now favors the “s” when ranking websites since it
confirms that they are secure.

Give it a try and see for yourself 🙂

So rather than continue the rant, I’ll do a second post and reveal the simple (and cheap) PBN gig I ordered and what I did to get a nice boost and multiple top rankings in Google!

You can read the follow up post here:

What’s Working Now – Part 2



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