My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Review

This My Traffic Jacker 2.0 review will be a little different than others because I’ll be reviewing my own product to give you a deeper look inside the new web-based software program.

It’s been an evolving project I’ve been working on since 2015, so obviously I’m excited and a little biased in this MyTrafficJacker 2 review, but my goal is to give you more information here so you can make a well educated decision.

What is My Traffic Jacker?

MyTrafficJacker is a  web-app that allows you to get Targeted Traffic and Authority from Wikipedia and YouTube so you can:

  • Send powerful link juice to rank website or videos
  • Send targeted traffic to ANY offer or link you want to make sales and commissions
  • OR you can even Flip these domains for a healthy profit

In the past my partner Joshua Zamora and I had released a software called Video Traffic Genie. Part of MyTrafficJacker (MTJ) was inspired by the process that was used which allowed you hijack traffic from popular youtube videos.

I called this a video marketing shortcut because I was inspired to create this when ranking my videos and noticing a competitor had let their domain expire. Which allowed me to pick it up and earn $5510 in commissions from 1 abandoned domain (results above), placed inside of an already ranked YouTube video.

My Traffic Jacker Review & Demo Video

MyTrafficJacker 2.0 NEW Features!

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What's NEW inside MTJ 2.0? 

  • New Sites Added! Including BBC, Quora (Pinterest, Forbes, Google Sites, Medium, WordPress, Reddit and MORE are available in the upgrade)
  • Faster searches and domain verification with a new API used on the backend (we pay extra for this)
  • Domain Availability checker - gives you the option to manually check domain availability again to "double check" or recheck a previous search
  • More Case Studies! Including an uncensored over-the-shoulder walk through of how I found an expired domain, redirected it and made $116 + more after the recording date (see below). You'll see the keyword, offer, domain AND how I set it all up in less than 10 minutes!


Wiki Case Study: How I Found a Domain Valued at $1042

After the release of it's first iteration called Video Traffic Genie (VTG) I released that:

a.) this method wasn’t ever going away since YouTube is the #2 website (according to Alexa) and there’s ALWAYS new videos being added and abandoned in ANY niche.

b.) this process could be WAY MORE POWERFUL! 

So we created My Traffic Jacker!

My Traffic Jacker vs Video Traffic Genie

Differences include:

  • Wikipedia for traffic and authority domain hijacking (12+ other sites added in MTJ2 including BBC, Pinterest and more)
  • Automatic domain availability checker w/ 1-click purchasing functionality
  • Fully web-based - so you can access your MTJ account on ANY device and from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • Saved Results - allows you to neatly compile and build upon your best results so you can create an army of targeted traffic in your favorite niches.
  • Scheduled Domain Reminders - if a domain is broken and abandoned but not yet available to buy, this allows you to get email notifications before and after your selected domain expires.
  • Automated Backlinks - allows you to automatically send powerful backlinks to rank your new video and web properties via social syndication. (offered as an OTO)
  • SubJackers - so you can create sub accounts and delegate the entire process (offered as an OTO)
  • Daily Views Tracker - tracks the views so you know EXACTLY how many views a video gets before you pick it up

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Bonuses Include:

Bonus #1: A step-by-step Profitable Case-Study That only took 10 Minutes to SET UP! ($97 Value)

We like to put our money where our mouth is and show you that we TRULY use MyTrafficJacker to make money every single DAY! In fact, we've built a FULL-TIME income from MTJ ALONE! But instead of just TELLING you, we want to SHOW YOU!

So we put together an EXCLUSIVE case study where you'll see us go from ZERO, to finding a domain, hijacking that domain and MONETIZING that domain. We leave NO STONE unturned and cover EVERY aspect so you see EXACTLY how we run our campaigns. There's nothing quite like a GREAT, over-the-shoulder case study, right? And the BEST part, it only took 10 minutes to set up this ENTIRE campaign!

Bonus #2: Daily Views Video Tracker ($197 Value)

How would you like to know EXACTLY how many views a certain video is getting on a DAILY basis? This is VITAL especially when hijacking a video that may be a couple years old with hundreds of thousands of views.

YouTube does NOT make seeing daily stats easy anymore, so we decided to build our own views tracker into MTJ so you can know EXACTLY how much traffic you’ll be getting from the videos you’ll be hijacking! 

Bonus #3: LIVE 90-Minute Training Session ($497 value)

On top of an ALREADY amazing software tool, we’ll be going the EXTRA mile here and putting together a LIVE, 90-minute training session where we’ll be showing you EXACTLY how to hit the ground running with MyTrafficJacker.

Bonus #4: Unlock a PRIVATE 20% Discount To Be Used For our Upgrade #2 Package

Lastly, you’ll be securing a private discount code that will give you a 20% discount for our Upgrade #2. This upgrade is called our MyTrafficJacker Academy.

Inside of MTJ Academy we’ll be giving you MULTIPLE different case studies on how we’ve been able to successfully find AND profit from the domains we’ve found using MyTrafficJacker. This gives you the PERFECT boost to hit the ground running with MyTrafficJacker. Your 20% discount will be automatically applied upon checkout of that upgrade 🙂

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Recent Results:

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Important notes:

  • All current MTJ members will be getting a MASSIVE discount on credits via a coupon code so you can start taking advantage of the 2.0 features
  • All current MTJ ELITE customers (with active subscriptions) will be getting a free upgrade to MTJ 2.0 Pro+ which will be a monthly subscription starting June 14th.
It will include additional sites such as Pinterest, Forbes, Medium, Reddit and MANY more to be added!
Plus you'll get 1000 credits each month as well 🙂

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