Video Marketing Q&A Session – How To Rank & More

This new training covers all the topics you wanted to hear, based a recent survey I sent out.

This will include:

– Affiliate Marketing (what works now and what you should be doing for long-term success)
– Ranking in 2018 (what holds the most weight… myths get busted here)
– Content Creation (scripting your video to rank & bank)
– Local Marketing (strategies, pricing and a new lead generating technique w/ little competition)
– Outsourcing (where I outsource 80% of my business and how)
– Paid Ads (re-purposing my high converting videos to scale out a campaign)
– List Building (do’s and don’t of list building and how to get the best conversions)
– and answers to a very common question about ranking in the big G

Watch it here:



3:55 Affiliate Marketing

12:12 Ranking in 2018 Quality vs. Quantity of backlinks but an important factor MUCH MORE than quality links.

17:24 Content creation / Effective Script for Ranking your videos. An update on my 6 figure script.

21:34 Local marketing

26:29 Outsourcing

33:10 Additional Topics such as Paid Ads & Repurposing my high converting videos to scale out a campaign.

List building Google Maps SEO And answers to a question about ranking if 0 videos show up in Google

Hope you enjoy the video marketing Q&A training session!

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