As we enter 2020 there have been a few changes we need to be aware when using YouTube APIs for Equinox to find expired domains in popular YouTube videos…

This video below will show you exactly how obtain New APIs, and the limits that you’ll be dealing with, as well as how to overcome them if you get maxed out and need to perform MORE searches.

Also – make sure to watch all the way through because I’ll be showing you a New Case Study where I find an abandoned domain in an authority channel. It includes a Skin Care product video with over 131,000 views.


Resources Mentioned:

Google Developers API Console:

Equinox Case Study for finding AUTHORITY domains:

These domains are powerful for sending link juice back to your video or web property to boost your rankings and get MORE targeted traffic.

You’ll see me use the Wikipedia feature of Equinox to find and pick up these domains that have high Domain and Page Authority.

I also show you:
 – the high ticket niche
– the authority of the domains (and where you can go to
check this for free)
– the EDU backlinks that it had
– how I redirected this authority to rank my YouTube video fast!

I’ll also take you inside my NameCheap account so you can see exactly how I set this up, so you can do it too.

And it only took a few minutes to do!

You’ll also see my other Equinox case studies as well.

In case you missed the email about the Plastic Surgery domain I found that GoDaddy values at 1042 bucks, you can check it below

I also share with you how it only cost 2.99 to get. Could make for a pretty sweet ROI!

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